Beitler Family + Cake Smash

You guys, I had an absolute blast getting to capture this family. These two baby boys are absolutely gorgeous and I could just eat them up! Beitler family, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this special time. Turning 1 year old is beyond exciting!


Brenham, Texas + Road Trip


Today Davis and I as well as my Mom and Aunt went on the funnest day trip to Brenham, Texas. Brenham is just an hour outside of Houston out Highway 290. So easy to get to, and so often overlooked! We spent the afternoon looking through antique stores and beautiful boutiques. Most shops are having HUGE sales on Christmas items. One of the funnest places we checked out was the Hermann Emporium and Antique Mall. We had lunch at the Funky Art Cafe which was so incredibly yummy! You’ll have to make a trip over to see for yourself!


They had all things Christmas and home decor. The funnest ornaments and small gift ideas.


There was even an entire kids section with the cutest clothes for the little ones. See below some snapshots of the day!


Thanks Brenham for the super fun day! Hopefully we will be back soon!




Beasley Family – Christmas Session

Hi there,

Thanksgiving is upon us! I don’t know about you but Thanksgiving feast is my favorite meal of the entire year. I look forward to it for months! Give me all that pecan pie, yum! Speaking of the holidays, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to capture some really FUN and precious families for this season. Here is one of my FAVORITE families I wanted to share with you. Baby boy Parker is as cute as they come!





Jessica & Alex – Couples Christmas

Hi there friends!

I wanted to share with you a sweet sunrise session I had the opportunity to do with my dear friends Jessica and Alex. They wanted to do a session to capture their love and little family (Lulu the cute pup) for their Christmas cards. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! This girl has some serious style. Go follow her over on her blog!


All my best,


Courtney & Drew – Family

Hi Friends!

I had the honor of working with my friends Courtney and Drew to capture their sweet baby boy’s first birthday. You guys, this little boy is the luckiest of them all. Just wait until you see how this sweet little guy looks at his Mom and Dad like they are the greatest on this earth. Such a big love shared by the 3 members of this little family.


3I have a feeling he will look back at these fun photos of his Dad spinning him around and think he is the coolest guy in town.1I can’t get enough of those chubby little legs! 2He wasn’t so sure what to think about my camera in his face the whole time. Such a cutie!4Okay so this picture above just makes my heart smile. How lucky is this little guy to grow up seeing his parents love each other so well.



Prochaska’s, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your little guy’s first birthday! I had so much fun!

All my best,



Nancy & Ben – Family Session


Hi Friends!

I am excited to share the sweetest family session with you. A couple of weeks ago I had the joy of meeting this incredible family and capturing a glimpse of their life. Nancy and Ben are truly the kindest souls, raising three handsome and fun-spirited boys. I couldn’t have had a better time wondering through Centennial Gardens at Herman Park with this family of five and getting to experience their fun personalities along the way.

3 copy

6 copy

You guys, this picture below melts my heart. These boys love their Daddy so much, there’s no doubt about that. I didn’t ask them to pose like this, it just came naturally. How incredible to see this kind of father-son relationship, times 3!

4 copy

Nancy, this beautiful mama above, reached out to me through this blog! She has an awesome blog as well called Always in a Southern State of Mind, which features all kinds of  cool decor ideas! I had the pleasure of doing some home photography with her, which I will be posting soon as well.

2 copy

One of the reasons I love photography so much is because I get to spend a moment with great families like this one, and take a moment to document the season they are living in. Life is so busy, things come up, priorities change and it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and forget to relish the moments in front of our very eyes. In this way, I hope through my photography I can preserve the memory of the very season my friends are in and the abundant blessings in front of us.

5 copy

Nancy and Ben, thank you immensely for including me in this season for your family.

All my best,


10 Steps to Balance Hustle & Rest

You guys,

I know I’m not the only one over here hustling so let’s hash this out and get to the bottom of how to balance our hustle and rest. Beginning in January I dove head first into a season of preparing for three really big exams that I’ll be taking in April. Here are a few tips I’ve found helpful to make it through this season. Guys, this season is SO NOT about being the best at all the things; it’s about learning the balance of how to do your things well and live well at the same time. I hope these tips encourage you through the hustle season you’re going through.

10 Steps to Balance the Hustle & Rest:

  1. Quiet Time– Yeah, yeah I know “quiet time is for babies and old people”. However, try to give your self a little quiet time in the morning to clear your head; read your Bible; read something fun; or literally just a moment to think to your self “what the heck have I done to get in this mess”. Trust me, a still and calm moment in the morning will set the pace of your energy for the rest of your day.
  2. Hit Snooze – It’s perfectly OKAY to hit snooze on that alarm that rang way too early. Whoever made up the expectation that you need to get up at the first ring anyways? Obviously they didn’t have an iPhone, so clearly that rule is outdated.
  3. Study-When-You-Study / Work-When-You-Work – Y’all, I’m a multi-tasker so this is hard for me. When it’s time to study, leave the phone in the other room, turn off all the things, and put your head down. No work, no friends, no tv, no things – STUDY. Same for work: the second you get to work, put your phone out of reach, open the email, HIT GO, and don’t stop until it’s time for a break. Don’t try and mix the two, it won’t turn out well.
  4. Set REALISTIC Expectations – Set yourself up to achieve a realistic goal with each intense study session. You know yourself best and what goals are reachable for you. However, for me many times my goal is based on time. For example, I’ll tell myself “I’m going to intensely study for 1 hour” and when I reach that goal, I get a treat of a true break. Sometimes it’s hard to get up after the hour goes by, but I make myself anyways. You could also set your goal based on learning a specific topic, then once you have your head wrapped around it, drop the pencil. We’ve got to have longevity here people. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
  5. Don’t Give Up All the Fun – You need to have fun. Don’t let your need for fun start seeping through your designated study times. Plan the fun ahead of time. Designate it as a separate time in your schedule from your studying. This way you won’t feel guilty for not studying. Go to the rodeo that you’ve had tickets for for months. Go see a movie. Buy a book that has been on your reading list forever and have it in the background. Find that TV series all your friends have been talking about and set it aside for break time.
  6. Manage Your Energy Not Your Time  – I don’t know about you, but when I’m not in the mood to get something done it will end up taking twice/three times the amount of time and energy it would have taken had I felt up to the challenge. When you find yourself in this situation, stop yourself in your tracks and go get an ice cream. Work when you have the energy to get stuff done, not solely when you have the time to.
  7. Eat What You Want – Don’t get crazy. I’m not saying eat a lot, or eat bad, or purposely gorge your sorrows away. My point is this: don’t let the worries of eating really healthy take up the mental space and energy that needs to be directed somewhere else.
  8. Get a Starbucks Gold Card – If you don’t already have this, Starbucks will probably be contacting you shortly as you’ve been a regular as of lately. I strongly hesitate to include this on the list because I don’t agree with their new points system. However, adding up those little stars to get a free drink is still a fun little bonus. Might as well get something free out of all of this studying!
  9. Zoom In, Zoom Out – Remember to take in the whole picture. Right now we’re heads-down and stuck in this really real-life stuff. We’re in the nitty-gritty and our microscope focus is on that tiny grain of sand at our feet. However, don’t forget that when you raise your head there is a whole entire beautiful beach right in front of you – and it has been there the whole time.
  10. Give Yourself Grace – Above everything swirling in and through your mind and your heart and your days; keep your eyes on the prize and know what the real race is that we’re running. “And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.”-Hebrew 12:1. “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”-Philippians 3:14. When you fall, give yourself a second chance. When you wake up late, don’t beat your self down. When you’re not learning the way you had hoped, acknowledge to yourself that it doesn’t mean you are less than and try again. Let go of the guilt of not giving it “more”; you’re doing the best you can and that’s all you can do. If you’re like me, you are much harder on yourself than anybody else is. So the best possible way to get yourself through this intense time is to be kind to yourself and give yourself a whole lot of grace.


All my best,